“Reflections 2” Welded Steel

On Sunday, January 14, 2018 we dedicated “Reflections 2” welded steel, a statue that now stands outside our sanctuary. It was made and generously donated by Jerry Daniel.

The sculpture has a steadiness about it. As the landscape around it changes and, as we change and move through the seasons of our own lives, it stands there steady and strong, yet somehow reminding us of something tender and yielding. 

Rev. Pam calls this piece “sacred art.” “Sacred” because if you spend time with this sculpture, it will draw you toward what it is you need to discover. It might be a sadness, or a joy, or a strength, or a discernment, a slowing down. It might be community, or courage. This sculpture has the power and possibility to help you hear the voice of God, of spirit, of wisdom, of a higher power in your life. 

Please take time to reflect on how this sculpture speaks to you. Here are some questions that could guide your reflection:

  • What is your metal? What is hard and cold that needs to be made malleable? 
  • And what is malleable that needs strength and shape and direction?
  • Who are your people to whom you can go when you hurting or when you are in discernment?
  • What are the pieces of your life that you thought were finished, but that take shape in new ways?
  • Where does grief live in your body and how might you tend to it?
  • How do you tend to your feelings of emptiness (in unhealthy ways)?
  • How do you tend to your feelings of emptiness (in healthy ways)?
  • What makes you feel strong?
  • How do you cultivate openness?
  • What gives your life meaning?
  • How is your life taking shape?