Committee on Ministry

What is the Committee on Ministry? The Committee on Ministry is a continuing body whose purpose is primarily to support all the various ministries of this church. Our role is to help strengthen the quality of ministry for this congregation and our main task is to monitor, on a regular and continuing basis, the effectiveness of the congregation’s ministries. “Committees on Ministry are designed to track the heartbeat of ministry within a congregation; how the members…take care of themselves and each other, how the lay ministerial leadership serves a congregation; and how the called minister serves the congregation. It seeks to understand, assess, support, and advocate for robust ministry throughout the context of congregational life.” (Rev. Anne Heller, Churchworks: A Well-Body Book for Congregations (Skinner House, 1999)) The Purpose of the Committee on Ministry (CoM) is to tend to the whole ministry at every point: To be the congregation’s “ombudsman,” “process-observer” and “conscience.” The primary “doing” of the CoM team is simply to “be” in the room, noticing and telling the congregation what it sees and hears as viewed from the “balcony.” The CoM is a BE-ing team, not a Do-ing team, whose power lies in that it exerts moral authority, not legislative power. (Rev. Kenn Hurto, DE Florida District 2009)

The CoM meets regularly, with a prepared agenda for each meeting. We have a covenant of confidentiality, but not secrecy. Within the committee, we share openly our observations and concerns of the congregation’s ministries. Each member is responsible for being sufficiently involved in the life of the congregation so that they can each briefly report on how the congregation is attending to its mission. By watching and listening to what is going on in the church, by paying attention to what needs are and are not being met, how relationships between different groups within the congregation are developing or deteriorating, how the church is relating to its neighboring community, how welcoming is the congregation to visitors and inviting to new friends and members, the CoM can focus its attention on the vitality and health of the congregation and, when appropriate, steer resources to emerging issues. You can help us by sharing your observations and concerns with a member of the committee.

What are the responsibilities of the Committee on Ministry?
-Continually monitor congregational life;
-Help model healthy and deepening relationships with minister(s) and program staff;
-Continually educate itself about ministry;
-Support continuing education of the congregation for its growing understanding and skill in shared ministry;
-Coordinate periodic assessments of the shared ministry of the congregation and its leadership components;
-Periodically advise the board regarding the health of the shared ministry;
-Support the minister’s planning for continuing education, sabbaticals, and other professional development;
-Recommend and actively supports such plans to the board and to the congregation.

Among their shared tasks are:

  1. Set Agenda for meetings.
  2. Set re-evaluation and reflection of Covenant, Mission and Goals (every January, with new member)
  3. Communicate with Board President/ Board Liaison (chair, primarily).
  4. Attend Board meetings.
  5. Communicate Mission and Goals to congregation.
  6. Liaison with ministries in the church.
  7. Lead development of CoM Policies and Procedures.
  8. Advocate for healthy communication, relationships and structures in achieving the mission of the congregation.

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