What We Do

The Sunday Morning Experience

Children and youth attend the service with their parents and come to their classes about ten minutes into the service, when they are sung out.

Intergenerational Worship & Activities
In addition to Sunday morning religious education classes the church offers a number of intergenerational events and activities throughout the year. These allow our entire congregation to come together – so that we might learn from and enjoy one another’s company. For our young people, these may enhance the feelings of belonging to the religious community. For everyone, we seek a supportive spiritual environment which spans the generations, extending our families to include others who might not live with us, and building a faith community as we demonstrate our concern for one another and the world we live in. Such events and activities include: Intergenerational worship services such as the Ingathering Water Communion Service (late August), Flower Communion (June), and holiday services. We also offer pot-lucks, game nights, Halloween party, twice annual camping trips, a winter holiday event The Hanging of the Greens, and much more.

Watch the church e-newsletter, DUUF Youth Yahoo Group e-mails, the church web-site, and bulletin boards for upcoming events.