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Board President’s Blog–February 2021

It’s that time of the month for me to tell you what’s going on at DUUF! The Board is  going to try to decide what kind of minister we want next, and we will decide that in the next two months and go forward from there. Keep posted for more specific information as I have it!!

We are going to have a Services Auction, but we are just in the beginning stages of planning.  If you would like to help plan it, please email me at

Our Teams are still hard at work, and here is what is going on with them.

Ian Lyon, our Administrator, has been training with Jennifer to learn all the various aspects of the admin position. He has learned Quickbooks and other financial duties, as well as forms, newsletter, and website editing duties related to administration. Good to have you on board, Ian, and glad you were trained by an expert!

Crystal Sullivan reports that the Digital Communication Team is continuing to update our website. They are adding a Board of Trustees page with meeting minutes and agendas. We have a Canva account that allows us to create digital images and share in one account. Our Instagram followers increased. They are also going to help publicize the Services Auction!

Marisa Abbe indicates that the personnel committee assisted with the job posting, screening, interviewing and selection of our new RE staff member.

Marisa also tells us that the Covid team continues to actively monitor the number of Covid cases in Denton country and will update the board and the congregation once we are out of the red zone.

Cynthia Talbot of Denton CUUPS sent us information that they had filmed and broadcast their virtual Imbolc Ritual. We hope to publicize these events before they happen, so you can know about them. CUUPS is meeting about every other month at this time.

Charles Ways reported that the Building and Grounds Team have applied roof sealant over portions of the roof over the classrooms, and Barney has cleaned the windows above the classrooms. The grey painting on the back side of the classrooms is complete. They also trimmed a large rotting tree limb.

Sunnie Palmer says the Worship Team continues to offer worship each Sunday, and Rev. AJ offers midweek worship each Wednesday at 6:00 for 15 minutes with discussion afterwards. Highlights this spring include a spring equinox service by Denton CUUPS on March 21st, a Pet Blessing offered by Rev. AJ on March 28th, Easter on April 5th, and the Coming of Age service led by the Coming of Age class on May 23rd.

Sunnie also reports from the Stewardship Team that we have received a few more pledges!! That is always good news, and we hope to receive a few more.

Barb Rodman indicates that Rev. AJ and she have sort of been a Welcome/Membership Team. We have a newcomers group on Sundays with Rev. AJ or a member of the Board to let new folks know what we’re all about. This last Sunday we had four newcomers!! With your help, we could have more! There will be a New Members Ceremony for April 11 and some Inquirers type classes will be introduced, we hope!! They’re also in the process of updating the website to better address these needs. Yea, Digital Communications Team!!!

Barb also says the Pastoral Care Team met and reviewed programs to date. We have covenant groups and a book group. Please let us know if you need any support in the way of food or just to talk.

Adam Chamberlain tells us that the Religious Education Team has had some changes. Curriculum creation and drop-off/Pickups had fallen to Victoria and Kyndal, due to not having any nursery staff. Victoria has resigned, and Kyndal is going to be taking maternity leave, so the RE group needs help with dropping off curriculum, and High School and Intermediate youth groups need supervisors while Kyndal is out. She has a six weeks maternity leave, but these youth groups will take the summer off. They certainly have a full plate! It would be VERY helpful if they could get some help.

Last, but certainly not least, Danna has sent some good news from our financial section! We have currently raised $151,832, which is $9,290 better than when the budget was presented to the congregation. We also had an anonymous donor help with Julia’s salary for the second half of 2021, so we have a total of $12,000 better! We may still have an opportunity to have another grant, as well. Looks like we’re going to be OK!!

Never a dull moment around DUUF! Someone relatively new to the congregation told me she really didn’t know that many people. How do you get to know them? VOLUNTEER!! It’s amazing how well you get to know folks when you work with them!!

Hope everyone stays warm! 

Love to you all!!

Susan Schlueter

President, Board of Trustees