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Board Presidents Blog – March 2021

All of the information below is about what happened in February! 

The Personnel Team met and discussed future positions once we return to the building, such as a janitor. They also discussed musician contracts and annual performance review documentation.

The Finance Team is telling us that the Stewardship Team is doing a good job, and we keep getting more money for our budgeted items. Thanks to everyone!!

The Stewardship Team even received a pledge from a youth who has applied for membership. Way to go, Team!!

The Worship Team is coordinating “Loving Nature in Tornado Season”, a service celebrating spring equinox, led by John Beckett, Cynthia Talbot, and CUUPS, and on 3/28 we will have a Pet Blessing service. Please send videos and photos of the DUUF Community with your pets. Deadline is March 22.  They hope to see all the Board of Trustee pets, and everyone else’s!!

Our Administrator, Ian, processed membership details; completed end of month banking and payroll duties, assisted other departments with organizing upcoming events.

The Digital Communication Team didn’t meet, due to the storm.

Building and Grounds says that the thermostat in the Fellowship Hall in classroom 2 was set to 65. All the other thermostats were set to 44. During the winter, the thermostat should be set to 44. If you change the thermostat, please set it back when you leave the building.

A few tree limbs were trimmed, but more need to be. The property was kept clean and regular checks were made on the building and the grounds. Thanks, Barney, for looking out for us during the storm!

Future plans are to continue trimming dead tree limbs, paint the eaves of the building, and most important, seal coat the roof. This will cost approximately $900.00.

CUUPS did not meet, due to the storm. They have a busy March, however!

The Welcome/Membership Team has updated our Invitation to Membership and has planned a New Member Welcome for April 11 as part of the worship service. Please refer anyone who contacts you about becoming a member to Barb Rodman or Rev. AJ. The Website will soon be updated to include new info.

The Pastoral Care Team met, and they are trying to get a long-term goal of having a Check-in system when we have an emergency situation like we had with the storm. This would allow folks to check-in and/or indicate what problems they are having. 

This Team is still sending out cards. If you would like to be contacted by the Pastoral Care Team, please write to

You can see how busy these folks have been, even with the storm! We appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for helping us make DUUF a place that works for everyone!!

Susan Schlueter

President, Board of Trustees


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