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Board Presidents Blog – April 2021

Lots going on right now! April 24th is Clean-up day at the church, and we hope everyone will come and help! Thanks to all of you who signed up. We also have our Services Auction coming at the end of June. We already have donations that have come in, and we are trying to figure out the software and get everything listed in it so you can have the pleasure of seeing it, beginning May 16. 

Our Teams are going forward with their work. The Digital Communications Team has continued to update our website. They have created a newcomers page with links on it. They will have a page for the Board. ATTENTION! If you know anyone with WordPress experience who has about 4 hours a month to help update our page, please send the names to We need the help!!

The COVID Team has updated our Zone chart by looking at new evidence concerning Denton County’s percentages. Kudos to Marisa Abbe for such complete information. She will be sharing this soon. We are loosening up the restrictions, but we’re still in the Orange Zone.

The Personnel Team met to discuss annual reviews for staff and who could be backup administrator if it was needed.

The Worship Team is arranging guest speakers during Rev. AJ’s time off this summer, and inviting members to participate in panel-type services as well. They are also planning for hybrid worship when in-person services resume. This is to accommodate all who might not be able to come to church or those who are still uncomfortable during this COVID time. Hal, Sunnie, and Rev. A. J. are working on this.

The Stewardship Team is excited about continued collaborations with the Welcome Team, led by Barbara Rodman, to reach out to new members and those exploring membership to discuss ways to support the congregation through financial gifts and gifts of time and expertise.

Ian Lyon, our church Administrator, states that he is helping to set-up our silent auction. He is also working on newsletter and various clerical duties, and he helped facilitate the RE transfer for when Kyndal goes on maternity leave.

Building and Grounds has continued painting the eaves near the fellowship hall, trimmed trees, and mowed the lawn. Pastoral Care has been reaching out by text/email/phone to all members just to ch4eck in. They should be able to generate a phone list for texts forjoy/sorrows/concerns and individual members have responded to a variety of requests for other services.

Religious Education indicates that the Coming of Age Camping trip is a go!! Bridging is June 6, and the video must be done by May 31. One the weekend of May 22-23, videos will be recorded from noon to 5 on the 22nd and 3-7 on the 23rd. They will get an invitation to have the video done, and need to sign up for that.

LAST, BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, WE WILL BE LOOKING FOR A CONTRACT MINISTER. We will be working on who is going to interview these folks. We’re thinking a Board member, maybe a member of the last Search Team, and another person from the congregation will be asked, but we haven’t worked out these details yet. First, we have to put together a Congregational Record, but we can use the previous Search Team’s work to begin that. The actual interviewing, etc. won’t begin until December.

Like I said, lots of things going on right now!! I am always so proud of this church, but especially proud during this difficult time of being apart. Everyone has worked so hard to get everything done and has been so creative in doing so. I love the fact that whenever we have asked for help, people have volunteered, given money, and take care of the church in so many ways!!

Love and Light,

Susan Schlueter

Board President