Online Services at 9:30 a.m. (until further notice)

DUUF Live Worship Update

Live services in the sanctuary have begun! Thanks to a $10,000 grant from North Texas Unitarian Universalist Congregations, we were able to purchase a camera, speakers, and other equipment. The equipment improves the sound in the sanctuary, and those viewing online see a clear image of speakers and musicians in the sanctuary.  

We are grateful to those who have attended services in person and online and given us your feedback. We will continue to fine-tune settings for some time in pursuit of a fulfilling experience for everyone. 

Online worship continues on Zoom, although we continue to explore other platforms that make it easy to join online and offer good video and audio. During the service, check out the chat 

What can you expect if you decide to attend in person?  First, seating is limited to be sure that we can sit apart from others. At 30% capacity, we can only permit 30 people in the sanctuary each week so reservations are required. Visit  to sign up for a seat. We have not reached our 30-person capacity. Currently we typically have 15-20 people in the sanctuary each Sunday.  You can reserve seats for any Sunday in 2021 currently, and reservations are open until 9:15 am for that given Sunday. This means you can reserve your ticket now for a Sunday in November, or you can wake up on a given Sunday and decide you want to reserve a seat! If you cannot attend after reserving a seat, it helps if you return to the registration form and cancel your order, which releases the seats for someone else to reserve. And up to 24 hours before the Sunday service, we ask that you complete the health screening at . Already exhausted with all the things you have to do just to attend? WE GET IT, we really do, but the screening has helped folks pause and reflect on their recent exposure to covid and stay home, which keeps others safe. 

When you arrive on Sunday morning,  ushers will check that you have completed the online health screening and make sure you have a mask. Ushers will show you to a seat to ensure you and your group have plenty of room and are socially distanced from others. If you have children ages Pre-K through 5th grade, you can stop at the playground and check them in for classes with Kyndal and Sarah. Our nursery is now open! Please enter through the door on the playground to reach Classroom #4 where our childcare staff Dymond will care for your child ages 0-3. Children who are able to sit with their families and youth are always welcome to join in worship in the sanctuary; please include them in your RSVP count on Eventbrite only if you expect they will sit with you in the sanctuary. Registration for seats is not currently required for children’s Sunday classes because they are meeting outside. Our youth programs occur on Wednesday evenings. To learn more about our Explorers classes and nursery, email

During the service, Rev. A.J. Galazen and a member of the worship team offer readings, stories, and reflections, while Julia Coelho, Josh Hanlon, Cathy Sassen, and our new musician, Levi Walls, offer music. All speakers and vocalists wear masks throughout the service, with the exception of Rev. A.J., who removes his mask while speaking at the microphone.  All seating is at least 8 feet from the lectern. Due to the nature of transmission of covid-19 and the delta variant, we are not able to sing together as a group. During hymns, to help with the strange feeling of not singing, we invite folks to move in their seats, sway, or dance. Shakers and tambourines are provided!  To limit touching the same items and to reduce paper usage, we now offer our Order of Service online at . Each week we add more information about readings,authors, and composers here. 

Attendees to live services so far have shared that although it was disconcerting not to be able to sing, they loved being able to be in our sacred space, and experience live worship together.   Questions? Email us at .