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Transgender Pride Flag: five horizontal stripes from top to bottom light blue, light pink, white, light pink, and light blue

March 31: Trans Day of Visibility

Today is the International Transgender Day of Visibility, a day for acknowledging and celebrating transgender people in our world, and for opposing the discrimination that transgender people face every day.

The Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism affirm the value of all people (first principle), seek justice (second principle), accept one another (third principle), and strive for world peace, liberty, and justice (sixth principle). In adhering to these precepts, we tell our transgender community that we see them, we hear them, we welcome them, we include them, and we share their journey on the path to a better world.

The University of North Texas is hosting a transgender faculty panel discussion this evening starting at 6 pm, open to the community. It is a virtual event in Zoom; attendees need to preregister here.

More information about the International Transgender Day of Visibility is available from Wikipedia and elsewhere.

 Coby Condrey (he, him,his), DUUF board trustee