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Cute Pet Videos Requested!

Pet Blessing worship service coming soon

Back by popular demand,  Rev. AJ will lead this special service soon to celebrate our pets. We invite members of the community to submit a short video or photo of you and your pet(s).

If you submit a video, it may have no sound, or it may have a short introduction like “I’m Sally and this is my cat Florence!”, but please keep in mind that music will be playing in the final montage (level adjusted as appropriate). Please record in landscape mode, and leave a few seconds of silence at the beginning and ending of your video (if you can. We know how loud pets can be!). 

Deadline for submissions is Monday, June 20th.

You can contribute to this effort in several ways:

  1. A personal video, holding your pet(s), introducing yourself and your pet(s), along with whatever comment on what they mean to you.
  2. A personal video, introducing yourself and your pet(s), along with any commentary, plus separate video or photos of your pet(s).
  3. Videos or photos of your pet(s) and an audio text.
  4. Videos or photos of your pet(s) with just a written text.

Upload (“share”) the video to or email to