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2021 DUUF Spring Workday!

Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is looking for a few Great members to Take Care of our Building and Grounds.
On Saturday April 24th from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon we will be cleaning windows, tidying up the playground, mowing the yard, raking up leaves and trimming trees.  Please sign up here to contribute to one of these tasks. 
We will need six people to clean the outside windows.  This will be easy work and should go quickly!  Our goal is to have 3 two-person teams.
The Playground needs looking after too!  We would like the parents of some of the younger members to help go over the playground, organize things, clean up and think about what the
Playgrounds needs to make it GREAT!
Yard Work! Three or Four people are needed to bring their own mower, edger and or leaf blower to help with yard maintenance. We also need to rake up the leaves. 
Trim Dead Limbs!  There are several trees with weak or dead limbs that need to be removed, cut into manageable lengths and stacked near the parking lot to be hauled off. We need three people for this task.  Please bring your own saw and tree trimming tools. 
This is our Spring Time Big push to get the outside of the building and grounds ready for the 2021 year.