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DUUF Service Auction

Dear DUUF,
We are planning a fantastic event, so get excited!!! We are having an online auction to help the church. In order to make this event a true triumph, we want to ask for your help.
Would you be willing to donate something you have made, a service, or teaching how to do something to help our cause? If you can’t find something to donate, please go out into the community and find a business that will donate a gift card. It will give them publicity for being generous, and it will help our auction!!
DUUF would love to have you at this event, and you may invite your friends to participate, as well! We will be sending out registration forms for you to identify what type of item you are donating and how much this item is worth.
Our auction will go online on May 16. We’ll have items listed on the website, and we will send you the link for that. You may bid until May 22. Also on May 22, we will have our LIVE auction and musical entertainment. So think about what you want to donate, and be generous!! When you are ready to submit the information about your items, please fill out this Google form:

Gift Basket
Sponsored Gift Certificates
Museum Tickets
Free childcare
Staycation Package
Donation to the church (Link will be posted in the newsletter soon)
Car Washing
Wine glasses
Dinner delivered
Homemade items (soap, salsa, candles, etc)
Craft lesson(s)

Deadline for submitting Auction Forms—May 9


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