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2120: We’re Still Here! How We Solved the Climate Crisis – Adam Briggle (February 23, 2020)

A report from 100 years in the future reflecting on the steps taken to solve the global climate crisis.

2:12-Chalice Lighting; 3:21-Story; 9:15-Music Meditation; 13:52-Reading; 15:07-Reading; 18:18-Reflection – OoS
The Winter Solstice and the Religious Instinct – John Beckett (December 15, 2019)

2:53-Story; 4:35-Prayer; 6:55-Reading; 9:10-Reflection – OoS
Zombie Trees and Other Magical Creatures – Rev. Marisol Caballero (December 8, 2019)

Humans have long understood ourselves to be superior to all other life; to have natural dominion over the earth’s plants and animals. If this is true, we haven’t done the best job in this role. As we reckon with this global climate crisis, what if everything we understand about ourselves and the nature of humanity is dangerously limited or wrong, altogether? 

3:08-Story; 7:51-Prayer; 11:56-Reading; 13:42-Sermon – OoS
The Modern Currency of Attention – Tanner Trask (November 3, 2019)

In the modern world, attention is the newest currency. Many UU churches talk about their budget as a moral document–What are we spending our attention on? What should we be spending our attention on? Our guest speaker Tanner Trask will offer some thoughts on our personal and collective “attention budgets.”

1:34-Story; 3:58-Prayer & Music; 7:23-Testimonial; 9:57-Reading; 12:05-Reflection — OoS
The Future of Religion – Rev. Keith Kron – September 29, 2019

Rev. Kron discusses the role that religion might play in addressing the gulfs of division in our current public discourse.

1:30-Story; 6:55-Reading; 9:00-Meditation & Music; 14:34-Reflection — OoS