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Our Musicians and Music


Josh Hanlon

While #1 Billboard crossover/classical albums with The Texas Tenors (America’s Got Talent), and five years as Pianist/Conductor with Country Music Hall of Fame artist Ray Price may be convincing evidence of Josh Hanlon’s musical versatility, he remains glued to a singular musical identity: jazz pianist.


A reasonable argument, as Hanlon taught jazz piano at almae matres University of North Texas and St. Francis Xavier University, and has made music with luminaries of jazz: Jimmy Cobb, Sean Jones, Bill Watrous, Ernie Watts, and many others.

Heard recently on OA2 recordings by Idit Shner (9 Short Stories) and The BiCoastal Collective, Vol. 5, and Armored releases by the Maniacal 4 (Open House) and frequent collaborator Stockton Helbing (Swimming In Place,) Hanlon’s own second album — The Baytree Sessions, Vol. 1, is available on the Armored label.

When not touring the continent, or maintaining an extensive freelance recording and performance schedule, Hanlon maintains a private studio; and instructs, performs, and arranges with the Helbing Jazz Initiative. Current projects include producing wife Michelle’s second album, and quintet album NS/TX with guitarist brother Jake. Originally from Nova Scotia, Hanlon has lived in Denton for over 15 years, happily raising a growing young family. He is proud to contribute to the creative team supporting the worship experience at DUUF.


Júlia Coelho

Júlia Coelho (she/her, pronounced ‘ʒʌ ku.’ʌ.ʎu) comes from an ethnic, racial, and religiously diverse
Portuguese family of artists and social educators, and she is proud to be part of DUUF. While in Portugal and
Italy, she studied philosophy, foreign languages, and music; since 2014, she has embraced a scholar-
performance path in musicology and voice in the US.


As a soprano, she has a voice studio and performs regularly in the U.S. and in Portugal in a variety of musical
genres, with an emphasis on Early Music and Art Song. She often accompanies her singing on the Gothic harp,
psaltery, or keyboard/piano, and is prominently featured on voice and harp on Kory Reeder’s recent album
Codex Praxis—a New Music project inspired by Medieval music, improvisation, and the concept of Liturgy.
She is active in musicology research focused on 16 th to 18 th -century music, particularly on music and rhetoric,
opera, and history of music theory. She has presented papers at national and international conferences on
Claudio Monteverdi and W. A. Mozart, and has given lecture-recitals on Thomas Campion and Portuguese
history and culture. She has musicology publications in English, Portuguese, and Italian, specifically peer-
reviewed articles (2021, 2019), a book translation (2018), annotated translations (2015), and a Gender
Philosophy book review (2010).
In addition to her academic and performance work, she writes and publishes poetry in three languages. Her
Portuguese poetry book Fragmentos de Infinito, with illustrations by her father Gabriel Coelho, was published in
She is also active in social causes: she currently serves as a representative in four organizations at UNT,
including advocating for and representing the international community and students with disabilities. In
addition, she is also a strong advocate for animal rights and the ethical treatment towards them.


Some of her performances are available on her YouTube channel and her scholar-performance work can be
seen on her professional website: