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This Sunday: “What’s Our Future?” – Rev. A.J. Galazen, Interim Minister

Our theme for September is “Embracing Possibilities.”  On Labor Day, I spoke about the nature of work, the diversity of our jobs, and the benefits and challenges of specialization.  Last Sunday I spoke about exploring what we love to do, developing our own powers, and exploring a calling for doing joyful action in the world. …

ONLINE Lectio Divina/Reflection Group

Join us for a weekly meditation and reflection group. Lectio Divina originated as a monastic practice of scripture reading, meditation, prayer and action. This group utilizes various authors and scripture as our written word for reflection. Please feel free to join us as you can. All are welcome. Join us online here.

ONLINE The Monday Group

Please join us for discussion with no prepared topic fostering friendship and collaboration. All who identify as men are welcome. This group is open to DUUF members and the wider community. We meet on the first and third Mondays. Join us online here. Questions? Contact