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A Note From the President

Merry Christmas to all!! Hope your Christmas is warm and loving.

Our RE Team (formerly LFD) has been working with Kyndal to facilitate care/curriculum package drop-offs. They are also working through the proposal from Rev. A.J. to move from LFD to RE.

The Stewardship Team updated the Board on pledges received and offered a service and information meeting on legacy giving. Members can learn more about legacy giving to DUUF or other UU organizations at

The Worship Team will create 4 Sunday services and 2 Christmas Eve services in December. Denton CUUPS will offer our Winter Solstice service on December 20. On Christmas Eve, we will offer a family-style service at 4:30 pm and a candlelight service at 6:00 pm. The Worship Team asks that the congregation participate in these services in a variety of ways:

  1. Sing “Joy to the World”. Email to sign up and learn more
  2. Offer a reading selected by our team (adults, teens, and children needed!). Email to sign up.
  3. Request a holiday pack delivered to your door or volunteer to deliver packs here
  4. Share the names of loved ones who died in 2020 here

Building and Grounds has worked on painting the building exterior. Barney has finished the heavy lattice repair and painting outside the south end of the sanctuary , and he has replaced some cracked glass. The main exterior painting that remains to be done is the exterior wall outside the classrooms and the soffit. They have started replacing the deck outside classroom 5.

The NTUUC Team had Barbara Rodman attend the December meeting of the NTUUC Board. There will be grants accepted soon, but they are pretty specific.

The Personnel Team met to finalize the administrator job posting. There were 4 applicants interviewed. One was selected!!!  More about this next month.

The Finance Committee crafted the budget proposal for presentation to the congregation. Danna is handling check deposits, which takes about two hours a week. This is why we would like for everyone to go to electronic payments, so not so much time will be spent on just check deposits!

Our Congregational Administrator has been very busy! In addition to her regular duties, in November she 

  1. Created a board report form to allow for automated submission and sharing of reports.
  2. Set up UUA Zoom account which allows for up to 300 participants. 
  3. Supported ordination and transgender panel events
  4. Assisted with the job posting for next administrator
  5. Rolled out the new newsletter format using MailChimp

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday time!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!!!



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