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2021 Board Positions

The DUUF Board is looking for nominations to fill two positions on the board starting in June 2021. The first position is Vice President, a one-year term with the expectation that the VP will become president the following year and probably the Past President the year after that. The other position that we need to fill is a Trustee. This is a two-year term starting in June 2021.

Please think about the members of DUUF who you believe would serve and represent DUUF well, the nominees must be DUUF members. Please email the names and position to Charles Ways at Also, please feel free to “Self-Nominate” aka Volunteer–the position will still be voted on by the fellowship!

All nominations must be in by March 1, 2021.   The Fellowship will be voting on these positions at the Fellowship meeting after the Zoom service on Sunday May 2, and the new board members will be inducted on Sunday May 23.

Thank You For Your Support!  DUUF Needs You!

Charles Ways


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